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We’re on our way to the Elite Four. Beat Misty’s Gym today and we now have a Cascade Badge. Mel took out Misty’s trainers, with Katie and Max as back up.

“Do we want to battle Misty yet?” Jon asked.

“Come on, let me take ‘er.” Wayne urged. 

“You need to level up before we take on Misty.” I said. “Come on, Route 24 will work.” We spent the afternoon training, mostly taking out weedles and oddish. Wayne worked hard to level up and at three o'clock we headed back to the gym. “Alright Wayne, you take on her staryu.”

“What about her starmie?”

“Use Poison Powder, then switch out. Katie, do you feel comfortable going out?”

“Sure. As long as Jon backs me up.”

“I’m game.”

“That’s a good plan. None of her water type move will do much.”

I looked at my team. “So, Wayne, Katie and Jon, be ready. Max and Mel, doesn’t look like you’ll be in this battle.”

“That’s fine.” Max still seemed upset. Mel just nodded.

Misty was losing a battle when we came in. It wasn’t long before we heard the trainer saying, “Smell ya later.”

“I hate him.” Jon muttered.

I didn’t say anything, but I agreed. I didn’t look at him as he passed, all I was concerned with was beating Misty. 

“I guess you want to battle too?” Misty asked as I stepped up.


“Give me a moment, I need to heal my pokemon.”


She smiled and went into a back room. I took the opportunity to make sure all my stuff was ready, but was interrupted by a tug on my pants. 

“Yeah Max?”

“I want to go before Katie.”

“Max are you sure?”

“Yes.” The light in her eyes was so harsh, I realized she still needed to let of steam from Colbert’s death.

“Alright, but be careful.”

“Don’t worry,” she whispered, “it’s in my nature.”

Misty came back out then and smiled. “Well you know who I am, but I haven’t had the pleasure.”


“Well Lisa, let’s battle.” and without missing a beat, she released her staryu.

“Just like we talked about Wayne.” He nodded as he waddled out to the field.

“Staryu, Harden!”

“Bullet Seed, Wayne!” and like that it began. Her staryu didn’t last long, but that didn’t matter, because her starmie more than made up for it. Wayne blasted a puff of Poison Powder at it then scurried back as Max jumped out. Unfortunately, Max was not faster than the starmie, and Swift after Swift hit Max. I healed her a couple times, but finally called her back, Katie taking her place. “Thanks Max.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“You took up some time. That starmie’s weaker now because of that poisoning thanks to you. Katie, Confusion!”

The starmie sent Water Pulses after Katie. I healed her once and she tried to confuse the starmie with Supersonic before she switched out with Jon. “Sorry it didn’t work.” She whispered to Jon.

“Don’t worry about it.” The starmie was tottering from weakness now.

“Finish it Jon!” The Water Pulse that hit him critted. “Jon?”

“I’m fine!”

“OK. Bite!” He launched forward through the Swift stars and Bit two of the starmie’s arms. He jumped back towards me and I sprayed him quickly with a super potion. Misty’s starmie sent one last volley of stars at Jon then fainted. “Yes! We did it!”

Misty smiled, sending her stamie back into it’s ball. “Well done. You’ve earned this.” She tossed me a tiny blue water drop. “You can use Cut outside of battle now. Oh, and take this,” She threw a TM to me. “It’s Water Pulse. Your wartortle could do some damage with that.”

“Thank you.”

“Good luck. Lt. Surge hits hard.” She called after me as I left.

“So what now?” Wayne asked.

“Let’s get something to eat. We’ll head out in the morning.”

We found a small café and ordered a big meal. “Feeling better?” Jon whispered between bites.

“Yeah. Thanks Jon.”

“No problem. We just got to keep going.”

We finished at the café, but only after leaving a huge mess, and went back to the Pokémon Center. “Next stop,” I yawned as I squirmed into my sleeping bag, “Vermillion City.”

So you may notice that my Nuzlocke story is gone. Well, that's because I deleted it to update with a new version. Basically, I played to far in the game and didn't keep up with my writing. So yeah, just to let you know. My starter may be different this time around, we'll see. I'll keep better track of my game this time.
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