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Well today was fun and Wayne and Mel evolved.

Festivities started early and before lunch we’d already battled seven people and Wayne had evolved. The excitement he had on discovering he had arms is almost indescribable. Mel even learned a new attack. 

After the morning battles, I decided we should go explore the rest of the party. Max and Jon decided to wander with me, while Wayne, Jane, Mel, and Isabelle went off by themselves. “Just stay out of trouble. And stick together.” I warned them.

It was nice to wander around with Max and Jon. There were a lot of food stands, food from all over the world. There were souvenir stands too, with everything from snow globes to T-shirts. I found a hand made music box which played a sweet little lullaby. I absolutely love it, but I’m sending it back home to keep it safe. There was also a shop full of little glass Pokémon. I bought a ice blue dewgong. It’s always been one of my favorite Pokémon. 

While we were getting some cotton candy and fried doduo, Wayne and the others found us. They said they’d heard Kaz had entered a competition to win an HM. “The captain’s offering it. There’s still time to enter.”

“HMs are rare.” Jon added.

“But extremely useful. Alright, let’s enter.”

Mel flapped excitedly and Jane clapped her hands. They lead me to the sign up booth. “If you could follow me miss.” One of the attendants said. He lead me to a battle arena set up on the main deck of the ship. “You signed up just in time, we’re about to start.” 

A crowd had gathered around the arena. The entire contest was a bracketed battle tree, the winner of a battle would move onto the next. My first two battles were against some sailors from the S. S. Anne. Jane took them out without any hesitation. Jon and Isabelle took out the next two, and Max defeated two gentlemen, before letting Wayne fight a Lass’s pikachu. 

People cheered my team on as we rose through the ranks. I could also hear people cheering on the other side of the arena where the were holding the other half of the battles. “Wanna bet that’s Kaz?”

“Yep. He’s got at least two badges, maybe three by now. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see him at the final battle.”

As suspected, Kaz came sauntering over to our arena. “You’re going down Lisa. I’m undefeated.” A roar came from his supporters in the audience.

I rolled my eyes. “Both of us are undefeated, idiot.” My supporters shouted down the others.

“Alright!” The ref yelled above the audience. “Let’s have a good fight, and may the best trainer win.”

Mel nudged my shoulder. “You want to go first?” He nodded and squeaked. “OK, do your best Mel.”

Mel darted out to the field,(I heard girls squeeing at how cute he was) and Kaz sent out his pidgeotto. For a second, I thought about how Colbert might be a fearow right now, but I shook the thought from my head. I couldn’t be distracted. Kaz snickered at the size difference between our Pokémon and I smirked as Mel’s first move was Supersonic. The pidgeotto landed and staggered around, trying to get it’s bearings, as Mel swooped in to Bite it. Unfortunately, it still landed some strong Gusts, and I had to heal Mel. It was close, but Mel took out his opponent and flew back to me. “Good job Mel. That was great.” Kaz’s Kadabra was up next. “Jane?”

Jane scoffed. “Be right back.”

I wish she could have been back after defeating him. Jane started out with a Poison Powder, but the Kadabra’s Synchronize psychically poisoned her. Jane still tried to confuse the Kadabra before switching with Wayne. Luckily, Wayne didn’t even have to attack. With its confused state and Wayne’s new stink, it hurt itself and fainted. 

So Wayne just waited for the next Pokémon. I was pleased to see Kaz was worried. Max’s brother was who he sent out. “Wayne, Poison Powder!” Mark was quick, and avoided some of the powder and Hyper Fanged, Wayne back towards me. I healed him and whispered, “Bullet Seed.” He nodded, and ran back out. I was so worried though. I ordered Wayne to come back, but he ignored me, and while he won the battle. He could barely stand. “Max, get him out of there.”

Then last was Kaz’s starter, his Ivysaur. Max didn’t even need a minute.

“We have a winner!” the ref called, but it was drowned out by the audience. The captain of the ship gave me the HM and congratulated me on a well fought battle. Kaz even found me.

“I have to admit, you did good.”


“But next time, you’re going down. Smell ya!”

“You wish.” I muttered.

It was another half hour before I could leave the deck. People kept coming up to ask me questions or say how much they liked my Pokémon. I even battled a couple more people, and Mel evolved. I felt bad for the girls who’d thought he’d been cute, but I still think he is. It’s adorable because he hasn’t quite realized he’s not the same size anymore, and keeps trying to cuddle on my shoulder.

We explored and mingled a little bit longer, but the ship was leaving, and everyone who did not have a ticket for the voyage had to get off. We watched the S. S. Anne leave port and sail into the sunset. 

I sent the stuff I bought back home, and I used the HM on Max. Now she can Cut things quickly with her tail. Tomorrow we’re going to do some more training before taking on the Lt. Surge.

So I didn’t train much at all today. My phone woke me up. It was the President of The Pokémon Fan Club saying that there had been a mistake in the drawing last night. Apparently there were multiple tickets with the winner’s name so there was a redrawing and my name came up. “You can come to the club anytime to pick up the voucher.” 

“Thank you, I’ll be over this morning.” I hung up, grabbed my clothes and hurried to the restroom to change. When I came back, Jon and Max were awake.

“So what’s first for today?”

“We’ve got something to pick up at The Pokémon Fan Club then we’ll head back to Cerulean.”

“But we beat the gym and all the trainers over there.”

“Yes but I didn’t buy a bike.”

Jon snorted. “That’s because those bikes are crazy expensive.”

“Unless you just won a voucher for one.” The way Jon and Max were looking at me, I was probably grinning like an idiot.

“I thought you said someone else won.”

“They did, but apparently they had multiple tickets too. I just need to run over to the club and pick up the voucher.”

“I’ll come with you.” Jon said.

“Alright. Max, do you mind sitting here in case anyone else wakes up?”

“Sure, but hurry.”

“We will.” So Jon and I headed off to The Pokémon Fan Club together. I’d told him and Max about it last night when I got back. They’d apparently been worried about how long I’d been away. They also had to stop Wayne from showing off and going out to find me, which hadn’t been easy.

It wasn’t a long walk but it was fun to watch Jon swimming in the surf. When we got there the President was waiting. “So this is your wartortle?”

“Yes sir. My father gave him to me for my third birthday.”

“He’s certainly a tough looking opponent. Well here’s your voucher, and I apologize for calling so early.”

I thanked him and Jon and I hurried back to the Center. When we walked in we saw that everyone was up and ready to go. “So we’re headed back to Cerulean?”

“Yeah. I know we should train, but-“

“Let’s go get your fancy bike.” Jane interrupted. “Then you might be able to keep up with some of us.”

So we hurried back to Cerulean. It was lunch when we got there so after I redeemed the voucher for a jewel blue bike with a rack over the back wheel to hold my bag, we stopped at a fast food restaurant. There was a play area there, and Mel, Wayne, Isabelle and Jane really wanted to go play. “Alright, but be careful.” They cheered and ran off. “And don’t break anything!” I shouted after them.

“Want me to go watch them?” Jon asked.

“No, they’ll be fine. Though I may ask you two to go check on them if we hear any crashes.”

We finished our meal and I decided to give the others ten more minutes of play. While we were there, I saw Bill come in. He spotted me and seemed surprised. I waved at him and he came over. “Lisa, I didn’t expect to see you back here.”

“I had too. I won a Cerulean City bike voucher from The Pokémon Fan Club the other night.”

“He’s always giving those away. It’s normal to see a new bike being ridden by some trainer once a month at least. Rumor’s that The President owns stock in the company. But I have something for you too.”


“I didn’t properly thank you for helping me back at my cabin.” As he talked, his hand was rummaging in his pocket.

“Really you don’t need to.”

“I insist. Here.” He handed me a ticket for the S. S. Anne maiden voyage party. “I won’t be able to make the party, but I would like someone to be able to use the ticket. There should be a lot of trainers there too.”

“Maybe the professor scored Kaz a ticket.” Jon suggested.

“He probably did.”

“Then let’s meet up with him. I want to show Mark how strong I’ve gotten.”

“Alright.” Bill smiled as I pocketed the ticket. “Thank you.”

“It’s my way of thanking you.”

“Come on, let’s get the others and head back to Vermillion. We may still be able to get some training in today.” I felt bad about telling the others it was time to leave. They’d all been playing with the kids in there, but they understood why.

I biked back to Vermillion, which made the trip a lot faster, Jane and Mel flying next to me. We got back late afternoon and battled a couple trainers on Route 11, plus some wild Pokémon. Then we headed back to the Pokémon Center. I ended up spending most of the evening talking to a Fisherman. He said his training days were pretty much over and he was looking to sell his Old Rod. He was asking 100 Poké dollars for it so I bought it. I figure I should be able to catch a couple Pokémon with it.

So I guess today was just a day of gifts. Tomorrow is the S. S. Anne party so I’m sure we’ll make up for all the lost training time.

Blend 9 by EvekiClival
Blend 9
Another one for my blend series. Currently I've really wanted to start drawing a bunch of different things, but I'm not confident in my drawing skills at all. I'm thinking about taking a drawing class next year though. Maybe I can draw a comic when I do another nuzlocke series.
Made with DeviantArt muro

Such a big day! We started off by exploring Diglett Cave and met Isabelle. I was worried she was going to kill one of us though. Apparently, when she saw Jon she panicked and was desperate to make us leave so that’s why she was so vicious with her attacks. With Isabelle I have a full team, Jon, Max, Mel, Jane, Wayne, and Isabelle.

Next we headed out to Route 11 for some battles and some grinding. After battling two youngsters, one of which had a sandshrew who threw up so much Sand that I couldn’t see the battle, Max evolved. “About time.” 

“I bet next time we run into Kaz, Mark will be evolved too.” Max was excited to think about that.

Mel and Wayne worked for the rest of the day. Isabelle and Jane helped Wayne a bit. I think all three are bonding well. 

We also caught a drowzee named Minx. I think she and Libby are going to get along; both enjoy tormenting Jon.

I also went out exploring the city by myself in the evening. Vermillion really is a beautiful city. After restocking on potions and pokéballs, I walked around the shore, watching the sea. 

While I was out I saw a sign that read “The Pokémon Fan Club”. Of course I’d heard of it, and I was so excited to find it here. There were still lights on inside so I decided to see who was in. The myth is that the President of the entire organization lives in Vermillion and this is his home club. I seriously couldn’t believe my luck. The President of The Pokémon Fan Club was actually there! They were apparently having a late night open house. The best part? I got to talk with the President!!! We talked for awhile. He seemed to sympathize with me over loosing Colbert and Katie. It was a fantastic night, but I did regret leaving everyone at the Pokémon Center; I got a lot of weird looks from club members. It was fun though. I got to talk with a bunch of other trainers. They’ve lost team members too. Some of them have shrines at Lavender Tower, but a lot also bury their Pokémon on the route where they died. The last part of the night was a drawing for a Cerulean City Bike. I didn’t win, but that’s fine, I like walking with my team.

It’s late now and we’ve got a lot of training tomorrow. 

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Woke up this morning to a new Pokémon. Libby, a meowth, was trying to kidnap Max, I guess for food. Mel stopped her and I threw a Pokéball to catch her. She was pretty disgruntled, and when I took the nugget she had Picked-up she was furious. “It was on the ground, I didn’t steel it.”

“Sure. Let’s just get going.” I looked down at Jane. “You ready to train?”

“Of course.”

After Jane watched Wayne take out a Camper’s Squirtle, she evolved. I was excited and we pressed on, running into more trainers. Mel and Max did most of the work, and it was only a couple hours later when Jane evolved again. She was a little dizzy after evolving twice in one day, so she didn’t battle. 

Libby was watching too, when she wasn’t messing around with my bag and Jon’s Pokéball. She did end up hitting the release button on it though and Jon was none too happy about it. “Who’s this?”

“Libby. I just caught her this morning. And look,” Jane landed on my shoulder. “Jane’s fully evolved! Isn’t that great?” Jon didn’t look up.

Libby smirked. “What? Cat’s got your tongue?”

Jon shot a Bubble at her and she dodged easily. “Jon!”

“That the best you got?”

He tried a Water Gun, but Libby danced out of the way again. “Please. I’ve seen faster attacks from a Slowpoke.”

That was it for Jon and he Tackled her. Except, with cat like grace, Libby jumped strait up and landed on top of Jon. “That’s enough!” I picked up Libby as Jon stood up and dusted himself off. “Jon?”

“You want to see what I can do cat?” Jon pointed to a Picnicker and Camper. “I bet I can take out all of their Pokémon.”


“I can do it Lisa.” 

I sighed, but agreed. “But if I feel like you need to switch out-“


Luckily the trainers were up for a battle, at least until it was over. Both of them were really upset with me. I ended up switching Jon out with Max after he aggressively took out one of the Picnicker’s pidgeys. 


“I’m not going to let beat her Pokémon senseless!”

“Fine I won’t. Can I battle now?”

“I’m going to let Max finish first.” Unfortunately, she finished her battle quickly and I was worried that Jon hadn’t had enough time to cool down but he was calmed down. It wasn’t a difficult battle, but Jon handled it better. 

Then the Camper was up. I had to switch Jon out again when he crit-ed the boy’s spearow, but I wasn’t as upset this time.

“Look I know what he said-“

“He called you-“

“I know! But I just think he’s mad we beat his girlfriend, and his Pokémon didn’t have anything to do with it. OK?”


While I had been talking to Jon, Mel was battling the Camper’s raticate. Luckily, I noticed what was happening with the battle just in time and sprayed Mel with a Super Potion. It didn’t help and I had to use another as the raticate taunted Mel with a Tail Whip. “Jon, finish this up.”

“Can do.” and he did in one move, 

“You did great Mel.” I said hugging the little bat and he squeaked in delight as I squeezed him.

“Looks like you are a good battler.” Libby conceded. 

“Damn right.”

“Let’s go you two. Vermillion is right over the hill.”

It was early evening when we got in and we found a quite cafe for nice dinner.

Now we’re in the center. Route 11 is just East of here and I plan on doing a bunch of training tomorrow over there. We also need to hit Diglett Cave to see if we can catch a diglett to counter this electric type disadvantage we have.

So you may notice that my Nuzlocke story is gone. Well, that's because I deleted it to update with a new version. Basically, I played to far in the game and didn't keep up with my writing. So yeah, just to let you know. My starter may be different this time around, we'll see. I'll keep better track of my game this time.
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