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Blend 9 by EvekiClival
Blend 9
Another one for my blend series. Currently I've really wanted to start drawing a bunch of different things, but I'm not confident in my drawing skills at all. I'm thinking about taking a drawing class next year though. Maybe I can draw a comic when I do another nuzlocke series.
Made with DeviantArt muro

Such a big day! We started off by exploring Diglett Cave and met Isabelle. I was worried she was going to kill one of us though. Apparently, when she saw Jon she panicked and was desperate to make us leave so that’s why she was so vicious with her attacks. With Isabelle I have a full team, Jon, Max, Mel, Jane, Wayne, and Isabelle.

Next we headed out to Route 11 for some battles and some grinding. After battling two youngsters, one of which had a sandshrew who threw up so much Sand that I couldn’t see the battle, Max evolved. “About time.” 

“I bet next time we run into Kaz, Mark will be evolved too.” Max was excited to think about that.

Mel and Wayne worked for the rest of the day. Isabelle and Jane helped Wayne a bit. I think all three are bonding well. 

We also caught a drowzee named Minx. I think she and Libby are going to get along; both enjoy tormenting Jon.

I also went out exploring the city by myself in the evening. Vermillion really is a beautiful city. After restocking on potions and pokéballs, I walked around the shore, watching the sea. 

While I was out I saw a sign that read “The Pokémon Fan Club”. Of course I’d heard of it, and I was so excited to find it here. There were still lights on inside so I decided to see who was in. The myth is that the President of the entire organization lives in Vermillion and this is his home club. I seriously couldn’t believe my luck. The President of The Pokémon Fan Club was actually there! They were apparently having a late night open house. The best part? I got to talk with the President!!! We talked for awhile. He seemed to sympathize with me over loosing Colbert and Katie. It was a fantastic night, but I did regret leaving everyone at the Pokémon Center; I got a lot of weird looks from club members. It was fun though. I got to talk with a bunch of other trainers. They’ve lost team members too. Some of them have shrines at Lavender Tower, but a lot also bury their Pokémon on the route where they died. The last part of the night was a drawing for a Cerulean City Bike. I didn’t win, but that’s fine, I like walking with my team.

It’s late now and we’ve got a lot of training tomorrow. 

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

Woke up this morning to a new Pokémon. Libby, a meowth, was trying to kidnap Max, I guess for food. Mel stopped her and I threw a Pokéball to catch her. She was pretty disgruntled, and when I took the nugget she had Picked-up she was furious. “It was on the ground, I didn’t steel it.”

“Sure. Let’s just get going.” I looked down at Jane. “You ready to train?”

“Of course.”

After Jane watched Wayne take out a Camper’s Squirtle, she evolved. I was excited and we pressed on, running into more trainers. Mel and Max did most of the work, and it was only a couple hours later when Jane evolved again. She was a little dizzy after evolving twice in one day, so she didn’t battle. 

Libby was watching too, when she wasn’t messing around with my bag and Jon’s Pokéball. She did end up hitting the release button on it though and Jon was none too happy about it. “Who’s this?”

“Libby. I just caught her this morning. And look,” Jane landed on my shoulder. “Jane’s fully evolved! Isn’t that great?” Jon didn’t look up.

Libby smirked. “What? Cat’s got your tongue?”

Jon shot a Bubble at her and she dodged easily. “Jon!”

“That the best you got?”

He tried a Water Gun, but Libby danced out of the way again. “Please. I’ve seen faster attacks from a Slowpoke.”

That was it for Jon and he Tackled her. Except, with cat like grace, Libby jumped strait up and landed on top of Jon. “That’s enough!” I picked up Libby as Jon stood up and dusted himself off. “Jon?”

“You want to see what I can do cat?” Jon pointed to a Picnicker and Camper. “I bet I can take out all of their Pokémon.”


“I can do it Lisa.” 

I sighed, but agreed. “But if I feel like you need to switch out-“


Luckily the trainers were up for a battle, at least until it was over. Both of them were really upset with me. I ended up switching Jon out with Max after he aggressively took out one of the Picnicker’s pidgeys. 


“I’m not going to let beat her Pokémon senseless!”

“Fine I won’t. Can I battle now?”

“I’m going to let Max finish first.” Unfortunately, she finished her battle quickly and I was worried that Jon hadn’t had enough time to cool down but he was calmed down. It wasn’t a difficult battle, but Jon handled it better. 

Then the Camper was up. I had to switch Jon out again when he crit-ed the boy’s spearow, but I wasn’t as upset this time.

“Look I know what he said-“

“He called you-“

“I know! But I just think he’s mad we beat his girlfriend, and his Pokémon didn’t have anything to do with it. OK?”


While I had been talking to Jon, Mel was battling the Camper’s raticate. Luckily, I noticed what was happening with the battle just in time and sprayed Mel with a Super Potion. It didn’t help and I had to use another as the raticate taunted Mel with a Tail Whip. “Jon, finish this up.”

“Can do.” and he did in one move, 

“You did great Mel.” I said hugging the little bat and he squeaked in delight as I squeezed him.

“Looks like you are a good battler.” Libby conceded. 

“Damn right.”

“Let’s go you two. Vermillion is right over the hill.”

It was early evening when we got in and we found a quite cafe for nice dinner.

Now we’re in the center. Route 11 is just East of here and I plan on doing a bunch of training tomorrow over there. We also need to hit Diglett Cave to see if we can catch a diglett to counter this electric type disadvantage we have.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

Jon hasn’t talked to me all day. Does he really think I’m not upset too? It’s only been two days since Colbert died and now Katie’s gone too. I’m more upset than he is. As a trainer, I’m supposed to protect my Pokémon. It was Team Rocket that killed her.

So we left the Center in high spirits, excited about the next gym.

“I think we should stop at Diglett’s Cave before we take on Lt. Surge.”

“A ground type would be useful there.” Katie agreed.

“Look, just learn the stupid move!”

As we passed an alley, a man in a black uniform was yelling at a machop. He was holding a TM in his hand. When Mel saw the guy, he shrieked at flew at the Rocket Grunt. “Mel, wait!”

The grunt turned just as Mel tried to Bite him and his machop caught the Bite and Leered. 

“What are you doing here?” I demanded, as Mel flew back towards me.

“Mind your own business, kid.” The grunt growled as he hid the TM.

“Where’d ya get that?” I asked, pointing to the TM.

“You’re way to nosy, kid.” He was backing away now.

“Mel, Supersonic, then Astonish!” It hit the machop.

“Shit, machop Focus Energy.” But his machop was was having trouble focusing on anything.

“Keep Biting it!” Mel swooped in and out with quick nips, making the machop flinch and eventually faint. The grunt growled and sent out a drowzee. Mel went in for another Bite, but the drowzee Disabled it. Mel gritted his teeth. “Supersonic!” I yelled. He tried, but the drowzee blasted through it and Headbutted Mel. Mel came tumbling back into me. “It’s ok.” I whispered to him. “Katie?”

“No problem.” and she jumped into the fight just as the drowzee tried to Hypnotize her. She dodged and dropped a Sleep Powder. The powder was too fine though and had no effect on the drowzee, who retaliated with Disable.

“Katie, Confusion!”

Katie hit first, confusing the drowzee, but it still landed the headbutt.

“Keep using Confusion!” Katie did it again, and again and again, the drowzee switching between Headbutt and Confusion. Then the drowzee landed a critical Headbutt. “No!” Jon jumped out from behind me and Water Gunned the drowzee and finished the fight. I wasn’t paying attention to the grunt at this point, but the police were there so it didn’t matter.

Katie wasn’t moving or breathing. I scooped her up and ran to the Pokémon center. I ran her to the counter and the nurse pushed a button, calling for a stretcher. Two chanseys burst through the double doors less than a second after that. The nurse placed Katie on it and ran to the back with the chanseys. Jon tried to follow, but the doors locked him out. 

We only waited a minute before the nurse came back out. “I’m sorry. She was gone before you got here.” The nurse said. “It looks like the moment the attack hit, her neck snapped. She wouldn’t have felt a thing.

I was numb. “Thank you. I’m glad it was painless.” I reached into my bag and found the blue paper. “Can you send her ashes to this shrine?” I handed the nurse the paper.

She glanced at the number and nodded. “Of course.” And handed the paper back to me.

“How could you?” Jon whispered.


“How could you let her die?”


“No. You’re our trainer. You’re supposed to protect us!”

“You don’t think I wanted to protect her?” I shouted back. “What about Colbert? You think I wanted him to die?”
Jon glared at me. He was silent as he walked up to me and popped the button on his pokéball and disappeared.

“He needs time to cool off.” Max assured me.

“Did he-?”

“Yeah.” Max answered. “He did. I had a crush on Colbert too, so I get it.”

“I wish I could help him.”

“When he’s ready.” 

I looked at Max, Mel and Wayne. “Katie wouldn’t want us to mope all day. Let’s get going.” We started for the door, then the PC caught my eye. “Wait.” I hurried over and signed in. From the three Pokémon in my boxes, I clicked on Jane’s sprite and waited as the transfer happened. 

“Who are you transferring?” Max asked. 

“Jane.” Her pokéball materialized in the transfer dock and I pulled it out.

“What are you going to tell her?” Wayne asked.

“The truth.” Jane popped out of her ball and stretched.

“Hey guys.” Jane yawned. “What’s up?”

I picked her up. “We need to talk.” We went outside, away from the others.

“What happened? Where’d Jon and Katie go?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk about. Jon’s mad at me because…well…”

“It’s Katie isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I’m so sorry Jane. Maybe if I’d switched her out-“

“Well there’s no point wondering. Katie understood what it meant when you caught her and I do too.” Jane said. Then she was quite. “Did it hurt?”

“The nurse said her neck snapped. She wouldn’t have felt anything.”

“Good. When do we start training?”

“How about now?”

“Let’s go.”

I stepped back in and called Mel, Max and Wayne. “Our next stop is Vermillion City. Let’s get going.”

My map said to head South through Saffron City, so we started out. Route 5 was uneventful, except for catching a new pidgey named Levi. Then we reached Saffron City’s North gate, and the gate guard stopped us.

“I’m sorry, but no one is allowed in.”


“Orders. That’s all I know.”

“Well, how should I get to Vermillion City?”

“There’s and underground path. Takes you under the city and to Route 6. There’s another the crosses from Lavender Town to Celadon City.”

“OK. Thank you.”

The tunnel wasn’t hard to find, but it was long and dark. Max defiantly didn’t like it. “I wouldn’t want to run into anybody down here.”

“Me neither.”

When we came out on Route 6, the sun was setting. “Hey, Lisa.”

“Yeah Jane?”

“I know it’s getting late, but do you think I could watch everyone battle?”

“I don’t know about Jon, but I think everyone else would be up for it.”

“Thanks.” I looked around for an easy battle and spotted a Bug Catcher. He was up for a battle and we started. Max took out his weedle no problem, then Mel beat his caterpie. Wayne fought the Bug Catcher’s other weedle, but took his sweet time beating it. I think he was showing off. After the battle, Jane was pumped and told them all how amazing they were. 

So now we’re camping near the tunnel entrance. I can see the lights from Vermillion City in the distance, but there are a lot of trainers between here and there. Best get some rest.

So you may notice that my Nuzlocke story is gone. Well, that's because I deleted it to update with a new version. Basically, I played to far in the game and didn't keep up with my writing. So yeah, just to let you know. My starter may be different this time around, we'll see. I'll keep better track of my game this time.
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